We were at IMPACT 2019, 21-22 May Cracow

On May 21-22, in connection with the rotating presidency of Romania in the Council of the European Union, the Embassy of Romania in the Republic of Poland and the Polish-Romanian Bilateral Chamber of Commerce and Industry, took part in the most important international IT & C and digital economy event in the CEE region, IMPACT’19 conference. Romania had the status of a Special Partner for this event, which granted the benefit of increased promotional capacity and significant visual presence. In addition, speakers from Romania took part in panels devoted to the industry on the main stage of the event; we have organized a side-event dedicated to Romania (Digital Business Summit with Romania) and also, bilateral discussions with world-class guests of the IMPACT’19 and with representatives of the Polish authorities as well.

The event gathered over 250 speakers and over 6,000 participants. More details at https://impactcee.com/.

The Digital Business Summit with Romania, organized by the Embassy of Romania together with the Polish-Romanian Bilateral Chamber of Commerce and Industry, comprised two thematic panels:

“Digital entrepreneurship: how innovative policies help the brightest ideas meet the smartest money? Views from RO & PL “, moderated by the Ambassador of Romania, H.E. Ovidiu Dranga, benefited from the presence of Mr. Sorin-Valeriu Naş, Secretary of State in the Romanian Ministry of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Business Environment, Mr. Paweł Borys, President of the Polish Development Fund-PFR, Mr. Marcin Motel, Director at UIPath Poland and Mr. Oleg Roibu, Head of Public Policy at eMag.


“Competences of the future -connecting education, labor market and performance; social and psychological challenges of transition towards digital economy”, with high-level academics, Mr. Andrzej Adamski, Rector’s Plenipotentiary of the Jagiellonian University for Pro-Innovation Initiatives moderator, and guests: Mrs. Mariana Crasovan, Dean of the Department of Sociology and Psychology at the Western University in Timişoara, Mr. Dan Ioan Tufis, Director of the Institute of Research on Artificial Intelligence Mihai Drăgănescu at the Romanian Academy and Mr. Wojciech Przybylski, President of the Cracow Technology Park and Mr. Marcin Motel, Director of UIPath Poland.