Polish-Romanian prime minsters meeting

On 21st of May 2020, in the office of the Polish Prime Minister, Gheorghe Marian Cristescu, the President of the Polish Hotel Holding and the Polish-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Embassy of Romania in Warsaw, had co-organized a video-call meeting attended by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister of Romania, Ludovic Orban and the President of the Polish Development Fund (PFR), Paweł Borys, including other Romanian dignitaries. The meeting had the common goal of rebuilding the economies of European countries.

Romanian government was impressed by the solutions of the anti-crisis shield and the financial shield, wanted to model on Polish solutions and learn as much as possible from Poland. The Romanian side showed great interest in the financial support program introduced by the Polish government, through the Polish Development Fund. During the meeting, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki mentioned that receiving state aid under the anti-crisis shield takes only a few days. Which is crucial during the crisis, because millions of jobs needed to be saved overnight, which Poland is a model example.

We are very happy that, on a short-notice Mateusz Morawiecki decided to share a lot of important information with the Romanian side. In recent years, we are able to witness that cooperation between our countries is developing and nowadays is already at a very high levelsaid, Gheorghe Marian Cristescu, president of PHH.

During this meeting, Gheorghe Marian Cristescu has also presented how touristic companies and hotel industry use the anti-crisis and financial shield. Emphasizing that the hotel business operates on a “first in first out” basis and is the first one to experience the effects of the crisis, but also is the first one to come out.

I recon, that the gradual defrosting of the economy by the government of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki brings very good results and is well thought out. Therefore, we can operate properly, planning our future activities in a logical and safe way for our society. We also combine it with the support of the PFR anti-crisis and financial shield. As we can observe from various statistics, Poland is one of the countries on the first place in terms of good governance during the crisisadds Gheorghe Marian Cristescu, president of PHH.

These activities also apply to the Polish investors functioning in Romania who are building the local market. The common goal of the EU member states is the rapid reconstruction of the economy in Europe, and thanks to those meetings among experts it is possible to develop this cooperation even faster.