Meeting with PPCC, in Warsaw

On Monday, 5th of February 2018, the Executive Director of PRBCC, Mr. Flavian-Catalin Pah, met the General Secretary of PPCC (Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce ), Mr. Wojciech Baczyński, in Warsaw. The meeting is the first one in a series of Chamber-to-Chamber talks which will take place this month, both in Warsaw and Bucharest.

Since January, the Polish-Romanian Bilateral Chamber of Commerce and Industry initiated a continuous dialogue with other Chambers, in order to design common events. Thus, the PRBCC members could be part of different bilateral and trilateral initiatives, meant to bring them closer to wider business networks.

During the meeting, the two Chambers representatives discussed the development strategies for 2018, the similarities and differences in terms of Business Mixers events, services provided for their members and agreed upon the possibility of identifying competitive B2B contacts for both Romanian-Polish and Polish-Portuguese companies.

PPCC and PRBCC will support each other in any event and action which can bring benefits for members of the two business networks.