Supersnow is a Polish company specializing in the design and manufacture of complex snowmaking systems. It provides its business partners with comprehensive service – from the preparation of the project, which includes such elements as water reservoirs, electrical installations and pumping stations, to equipping the resort with high-end snowmaking equipment such as lances or snow cannons, which for more than 20 years with their orange color adorn ski resorts around the world.
An important element providing resorts cooperating with Supersnow with stable and peaceful operation is the service center. Qualified employees equipped with specialized tools and the necessary skills and knowledge perfectly prepare the machines for the start of the season, and during the season they guarantee round-the-clock assistance to the resorts.
Supersnow is also a support for all kinds of events, the organizers of which, due to the prevailing weather conditions, are concerned that the natural snow will not be of sufficient quality or will appear in insufficient quantity. The Ski Jumping World Cup or the European Biathlon Championships are among the events that could use Supersnow’s expertise to ensure the highest quality snow for the athletes competing in them.

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