The Ewa-Bis company was founded in 1987 in Warsaw. Marek Marzec is the founder of the company and the Member of the Management Board. Ewa-Bis belongs to Ewa-Bis Group operating in several branches of business. Ewa-Bis currently exports fruits and vegetables to about 50 countries around the world, including almost all of Europe. The company is one of the 20 largest exporters in Poland and cooperates with approx. 60 producer groups and approx. 100 individual farmers. The most important activity is the export of fresh and frozen vegetables and fruits. The company’s offer also includes NFC juices, concentrates and FMCG products. We provide both conventional and ecological products. We run companies in five countries, we work in Poland, Russia, Germany, Ukraine and Canada. Ewa-Bis Group employs 200 people, and in 2016 generated PLN 60 million of sales revenues. We work with commercial and distribution networks, processors and wholesalers. Due to the fact that we are developing our foreign trade well, we were honored with the title of Outstanding Exporter of the Year 2017.

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