Amplus Sp. z o.o. has been active on the grocery market for over 27 years. We are an experienced, certified and awarded producer and distributor of vegetables and fruit. Recently we have expanded our range with also cooked and packaged products. In two facilities in Prandocin and Niegardów, located in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, along with the Group of Producers Amplus Sp. z o.o. we have an area of nearly 40 000 m2 and a wealthy machine park. We also have our own fleet of modern refrigerated cars, maintaining the best quality of the products on the way to the client.
Basing on the access to safe and proven goods, whose journey we do know in whole – from seed to harvest, we invested in a production line for vegetable and fruit processing, and started the manufacture of vegetable and friuit pastes under a new brand name – Natura smaku (Nature of taste).
As the only distributor on the Polish market we have exclusive products in our offer – coolwrap cabbage and carrot for juice.
We founded The Galician Garlic Association, which brings together entities whose common goal is to develop and implement the world’s best technologies and quality standards in garlic production. In 2018 our product, Galician garlic has received the prestigious EU ‚Protected geographical Indication’ (PGI) mark.

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